KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Public Schools

Dallas, TX

Type: Leadership & Support Staff
Full Time/Part Time: Full-Time
Start Date: 2020-21 School Year

Organization: KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Public Schools
Preferred Locations:


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Social Studies Curriculum Specialist

KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Public Schools

Dallas, TX

Type: Leadership & Support Staff
Full Time/Part Time: Full-Time
Start Date: 2020-21 School Year

Organization: KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Public Schools
Preferred Locations:


JOB TITLE: Social Studies Curriculum Specialist



Founded in Houston in 1994, KIPP has become a national leader in the movement to provide all children with access to an exemplary education and the academic and character skills necessary to thrive in and graduate from college, positively impact their communities, and lead choice-filled lives.

In 2018, KIPP schools in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio joined forces to become KIPP Texas Public Schools, a nonprofit public charter school network, accelerating student academic outcomes and impact more students across Texas. As a unified, statewide organization, KIPP Texas can more effectively leverage the talent, resources, instructional expertise, financial strength, and advocacy in the public charter school movement, in order to have an even larger impact with educationally underserved communities across the state.

In the 2019-2020 school year, KIPP Texas Public Schools will educate more than 29,000 students in 55 schools, placing the district among the top 50 largest in the state. KIPP Texas will continue to prove what is possible for its students, communities, and state, with a goal of growing to educate 100,000 students and achieving a 75% college graduation rate for alumni.

KIPP Texas is grounded in five Core Values as its cultural “North Star”:

As a Team & Family, we:

Champion Equity

Chase Excellence

Persist with Purpose

Bring Joy

Rise Together

KIPP Texas is part of the national KIPP network of 224 college-preparatory public charter schools educating early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school students. KIPP schools are part of the free public school system and enrollment is open to all students. Nationwide, KIPP students complete four-year college at a rate of 36 percent, comparable to the national average for all students and approximately three times higher than the average of students from low-income families.

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The Opportunity

The Social Studies Curriculum Specialist role is an exciting opportunity for an individual who has deep content knowledge of social studies, has a passion for curriculum and instruction, is committed to advancing social justice and culturally relevant pedagogy, and is eager to influence the future of social studies instruction across KIPP Texas and beyond.

The Social Studies Curriculum Specialist will play a critical role at the state-level in an effort to drive improved student results, including growth and achievement, college and career readiness, and closing the achievement gap, at KIPP schools in our Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio regions. 

General Role Description

  • Curriculum Writing: Develop rigorous, inquiry-based and literacy-oriented social studies curriculum, including unit plans, lesson plans, and assessments. This will include a combination of creating and adapting existing high-quality curricula to be vertically aligned toward high school AP skills. 

  • Data Analysis: Regularly analyze a variety of qualitative and quantitative data at the school-, region- and state-levels to identify strengths and gaps in the curriculum itself and/or its implementation.  

  • Professional Development: Plan and facilitate virtual and in-person professional development on curriculum and instruction to ensure all regions are on a path to implement the curriculum with fidelity and achieve academic goals.

  • Instructional Coaching: Coach and support school administrators, teachers, and regional academic teams to set, make progress towards, and achieve goals appropriate for social studies. This may include occasional travel to each KIPP Texas region (Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio).

Key Responsibilities

The Social Studies Curriculum Specialist responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop and/or adapt social studies curriculum based on feedback from the Director of Humanities, including course overviews, pacing calendars, unit plans, lesson plans and assessments aligned to the KIPP Texas social studies vision. 

  • Ensure all social studies curriculum & assessments are top-quality and aligned to a college-ready bar and Texas state standards before students engage with them.

  • Conduct ongoing data analysis (state-wide and region-specific) to support regions with focused, data-driven responses to instruction.

  • Plan and lead virtual & in-person social studies professional development for instructional coaches and teachers, including unit and lesson internalization, instructional best practices, and responding to data. 

  • Coach, build relationships, and support principals, assistant principals, teachers, and regional academics teams across the state to ensure strong implementation of and solicit feedback on the social studies curriculum.

  • Collaborate with other KIPP Texas academics teams (student support services, assessment & achievement) to ensure curriculum and supporting materials are accessible for ALL students, including special education and ESL/ELL students.

  • Stay up-to-date on best practices in social studies instruction and literacy instruction more broadly; model best practices for instructional coaches as needed.

Skills and Qualifications

Content and Pedagogical Expertise

  • Strong understanding of the college-ready bar for students in social studies, exceptionally high standards for students’ potential, and an unyielding belief that ALL students can achieve at high levels 

  • Deep knowledge of social studies (including TEKS), with a strong understanding of the full K-12 social studies continuum. Existing familiarity with the C3 Framework of vertically aligned social studies skills is strongly preferred but not required

  • Master social studies teacher (ideally at the middle and/or high school level) with proven results advancing literacy (primarily students’ reading and writing skills) through social studies 

  • Strong understanding of and prior experience with curriculum development, including but not limited to: alignment between objectives, learning experiences and assessment; principles of backwards planning; essential questions to drive inquiry

  • Experience coaching teachers and/or leaders to improve instruction through observation & feedback; can identify targeted impact statements (action steps) based on observations to improve instruction efficiently and effectively

Technical Skills

  • Detail oriented and obsessed with accuracy, especially in the areas of curriculum and assessments

  • Ability to create own work plan and can project plan around multiple priorities and fast-paced deadlines

  • Able to succinctly present summaries and updates

  • Can work across multiple modes of communication (virtual and in-person) to impact others and achieve goals

  • Advanced understanding of Microsoft Office suite and (preferred) Adobe Reader and Google Drive

  • (Preferred but not required) Able to fluently navigate Illuminate and Tableau, or other similar assessment and data analytics platforms

Communication, Interpersonal and Team Skills

  • Builds and maintains strong relationships across a variety of levels and stakeholders

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; tailors message for the audience, context, and mode of communication

  • Builds consensus and resolves conflicts; exhibits willingness to have difficult conversations

  • Skillfully navigates systems and structures at various levels in a large district

  • Comfortable with ambiguity and can translate abstract ideas into concrete work plans and products

Problem Solving and Systems-Level Thinking

  • Understands how various systems, departments, shareholders and stakeholders interact to achieve short and long term goals

  • Makes decisions using data and takes initiative to solve problems and create stakeholder buy-in

  • Exhibits flexibility and a solutions-oriented mindset when faced with shifting priorities, demands, and timelines 

  • Identifies and prioritizes mission-critical issues and offers innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems

  • Exhibits consistent focus on goals and results and sets clear metrics for success

Leadership Skills

  • Motivates, inspires, and moves other adults to action to achieve ambitious goals 

  • Builds coalitions and works collaboratively with diverse stakeholders at all levels, including but not limited to state leaders, regional leaders, school leaders, coaches, teachers and students

  • Establishes clear expectations, deliverables and deadlines across organizational layers

Empathy and Commitment to Cause

  • Deep belief in the mission and values of KIPP and commitments to improving student achievement

  • Passionately believes that all students can achieve at high levels

  • Demonstrates cultural competencies and a deep understanding of and empathy for issues facing students

Compensation and Benefits

Salary is based on years of experience, degree of education, and level of expertise. A competitive benefits package is also offered. 

KIPP provides equal employment opportunity for all applicants and employees. As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.